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Our life together

Community can mean many different things … for us, it is more than just living under the same roof. It means putting what we have in common – our talents, joys and sorrows as much as our material things.

Often people ask if it is difficult ….. whilst it’s not always plain sailing, it is a real opportunity for listening and exchange. As we support and challenge one another, we allow ourselves to be guided by the Gospels, mutually encouraging one another in our commitments.

In seeking to live our common call, we become aware of what affects the lives of others, and of the many ways of doing things. Through this, we learn to value difference, in itself a positive force for our mission.

We don’t choose the Sisters we live with or where we live ….. and we can find ourselves moving around a lot, but in all our efforts to be with one another we believe that “we become part of that movement towards communion which is a sign in the world that love is possible when it is God who gathers people together.” RoL 6-1