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Given our history and all we are about, we are especially conscious of each and every person’s call to join in the adventure that is getting to know God.

No matter whether you are married, single, employed or retired, you are a unique gift to the world. You are an opportunity for God’s presence on this planet that can never be again. Everyone has something to offer the world through their presence and there are many different ways of expressing this. No one choice of life is better, holier, freer than another. What is important is that I find my niche and inner contentment, my gift for others.

Whilst every person makes a difference, we know that is not always easy to believe. How do I wake up to knowing that God is already talking to me, is present and I did not know it?

How do I figure how best to put my life into God’s service?

And if I am wondering specifically about religious life and myself, how do I figure how and where to best dedicate myself to God